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Training tutorials


Graphics Programs: “professional”

  • (desktop): powerful, but with a steep learning curve.
  • (desktop): more user-friendly, but less powerful.
  • online option, less powerful.

Graphics Programs: “amateur”

  • gold standard for quick-design tools. Awesome!
  • very similar to Canva; different graphic library, so a nice alternative
  • similar to Canva, but includes templates for other options like infographics.
  • when you need a quick logo!

Free Photos, Icons, and Images:

Free Fonts:

Font Combinations:

Color Combinations:


  • amazingly high-quality print, amazingly fast and cheap
  • flawless business cards

Paid freelance options:

  • Check out FIVERR.COM, where you can get quality graphic design for low, low prices (starting at $5 — thus their name). Every designer has a portfolio of their work there; look for one who’s work looks like you want your project to look.