BJU Brand Communications

Our brand is the story of what God has been doing at Bob Jones University since our founding in 1927. The BJU brand team exists to empower the entire university family to share this story with prospective students, their parents, alumni, the community and the world.

How we tell their story

We strive to present our brand in alignment with our university mission, our core messaging, strategic vision, and best marketing, branding and business practices. In doing so we seek to present our story in a way that is:

  • Mission-driven
  • Authentic
  • Relevant
  • Unique

What makes our story great

Our students and graduates are our greatest brand ambassadors. Their lives speak to what BJU is all about:

Academic excellence

Our students consistently outperform national averages on national tests such as the NCLEX, MCAT and national engineering exam. Our graduates have gone on to a wide array of leading graduate schools, notably including Yale, Princeton, Duke and Oxford.

Character and Leadership

Our students are people of character who live vitally engaged lives in their local churches, communities, families and places of employment. While at BJU they continually push themselves to excel in a wide variety of academic, social and ministry opportunities, ranging from professional organizations and intercollegiate and intramural athletics to community outreach and on-campus leadership.

Authenticity and Service

What truly sets our students apart is their heart for others. Motivated by their Christian faith and love, they seek to serve others as Christ served. Every week during the school year, more than one hundred student-led outreach organizations go out into the Upstate and beyond to minister to people. Their ministries range from visiting the elderly to evangelism to serving in their local churches to reaching out to children.

Long-term Success

Since our founding in 1927, we have seen tens of thousands of graduates go out and serve Jesus Christ all around the world. Our graduates live excellently and set the standard of excellence in their lives and vocations—whether in the sciences, the arts, ministry, education or business.