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How to use Email Templates in Outlook


  • Email for Marketing business unit departments
  • Select email from Executive Communications to external audiences
  • Marketing and Enrollment-related event promotion emails


  • Non-enrollment-related event promotion emails
  • Internal communication emails (email Darcy Vierow, Internal Communications Office)



Is this a request for an email to be sent to internal audiences?

Is this a request for an email to be sent to your own unique mailing list or just a few individuals?

  • You are responsible for this email. Download one of our email templates for use with Outlook.

Is this a request for an executive or marketing-related email to external audiences?

  • Place an order through ProWorkFlow. Please allow at least 3 weeks for completion.
  • In your project request, provide any copy, images, and corresponding hyperlinks you may already have along with a due date. If this is a job that our team can accommodate, we will work with you to create and/or refine your copy and visuals if need be.
  • Please be aware of our Email Best Practices.
  • Email Project Phases
    • Copy Writing – Our writing team will work with you to create the necessary wording for your email or (preferably) refine your existing copy.
    • Design – Our design team will create a mockup of the email’s layout with accompanying visuals for you to approve.
    • Coding – Our web team will code the actual email, send you a final proof, and stage the email for delivery.
    • Delivery – We do not actually deliver the email, but we will direct you to the correct person outside of our department with whom you can collaborate on the recipient list and agree on a scheduled time for delivery. You can even begin this process before the actual email is created to expedite things.

Bulk email to the university COMMUNITY

Email to large groups of the Bob Jones University community is sent out by the Internal Communications supervisor, Darcy Vierow. Bulk email is limited to campus announcements; at this time, BJU does not offer email advertising opportunities to commercial businesses. If you are interested in advertising on campus, contact the Sports Information director, Jonny Gamet.

prayer requests

Due to the large number of requests received, please limit prayer requests to those specifically regarding a student or graduate of the University. Send requests to Mary Shamblin.