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How to use our HTML templates with Outlook

Although you could use our HTML templates on any platform, the campus standard email client is Microsoft Outlook. Following are instructions on how to use these templates to send an email through Outlook.


Which template should I use?

We offer two templates for download: a mobile-friendly (text-only) version and a fixed-width version. If you are only sending a brief message that does not need the use of extra visuals, please use the mobile-friendly version. Outlook tends to remove all mobile-friendly formatting from email templates. The exceptions to this are text-only emails that are flexible (do not have a fixed width).


How do I create a new email with this template?

Regardless of which template you use, the instructions for use are the same. There are two main methods.


Method 1:

Place the HTML file on your desktop, or save it to your computer and open its folder in a new File Explorer window. Drag and drop the HTML file onto your Outlook inbox. You should see a (+) symbol on your cursor. This creates a new email. Replace the filler text with your own content and you’re ready to send.


Method 2:

Start a new email. Click “Attach File.” Find your HTML template and select it by clicking it once. Then click the small black arrow on the Insert button, revealing extra hidden options, and choose Insert as Text. This adds the content of the template to your new email. Replace the filler text with your own content and you’re ready to send.


If you’d like to create a template in Outlook that you can use repeatedly, begin by creating a new email using one of the two methods above, then click File -> Save As and save the email as a .msg file. This will create an Outlook email that you can simply double-click on to start a new message. This may come in handy if you plan to send out the same message to different recipients over and over (such as a transactional or thank-you message).


Download the templates