BJU Brand Communications

University symbols

Bob Jones University is a leader in the realm of Christian higher education. Our name and logo are important assets that are recognized around the world.

This document constitutes an identity/usage guide to aid you in creating documents that meet BJU’s visual identity and quality standards. For approval to diverge from these guidelines, please contact the BJU creative director or chief marketing officer.

The strength of a visual identity system is realized only through consistent application over time. The University’s policy is that the official logos, marks, fonts and colors described in this manual are the only approved marks for use across the entire University.

  1. No other marks, symbols, fonts or colors may be used to represent the University as a whole or any part thereof.
  2. These resources are intended solely for use by the University. Any individual, group or company external to the University requesting further information regarding the use of our marks should contact the creative director, Mark Fuller.
  3. Any official materials associated with the University that the public may see—whether in print, online or around campus—must include one of the elements below.
  4. Most official university materials must be produced by the Marketing Division. Contact Dawn Kester if you are unsure about a particular project.


The Crest

The crest is the official Bob Jones University emblem, symbolizing the formal authority vested in the University.The crest is reserved for official and ceremonial uses, as determined by the chief marketing officer. Learn more about the history of our crest.

BJU Shield

The Shield

The shield serves as the primary emblem identifying Bob Jones University. It is comprised of quarters resembling a heraldic shield. The shield is two colors. Learn more about the Charges (icons on the shield).


The Wordmark

The wordmark is the typographic version of the name, crafted especially for BJU. It is a “wordmark” because it consists of words only. The wordmark is set in a hand-modified version of Requiem Display. Typing the name using Requiem Display or any other typeface is not an acceptable substitute for the wordmark.


The Logo

The logo is a combination of the shield and  wordmark, with the shield placed directly at the beginning of the text. This combination has been carefully crafted, and it is not acceptable to simulate by placing the shield next to the wordmark.

See other approved variants


Logo with tagline

The logo with tagline must be used precisely as shown and is never to be modified or simulated in any way. There are two versions: with and without the address. The tagline is used on all official promotional materials.

Exception: the tagline color is changed in certain contexts.

Departmental wordmarks and logos

Departmental wordmarks and departmental logos are variants of the university wordmark and logo to identify schools, departments and organizations. These are developed solely by Marketing Communications and must never be simulated.

BJU Alumni Association logo
Alumni Association logo

The Alumni Association departmental logo varies slightly from the standard for departmental logos.

Special logos

Because of its wide recognition, the university logo will do the best job of building equity into any entity associated with it. Your department or group will benefit from association with the broader brand through our standardized departmental wordmark system. A departmental wordmark should provide your group with the individual identity system you need.

With that said, a few departments have been granted use of a unique logo. For example, Public Safety must have a unique shield for use on badges, patches and vehicles. Unique logos such as these will be developed only when there is legitimate requirement for disparate identification. Requests for unique logos should submitted by email to Mark Fuller, creative director.


Athletic logos

See the separate Bruins Identity Guide for specifics. The BJU Bruins athletic logos, trademarks, mascots and name are reserved for use by the University and its entities, and then only with permission of David Lovegrove, licensing manager. The Bruins logos should never appear in place of the university logo or wordmark.

The athletic logos are available to organizations that have signed an agreement with Licensing Resource Group (LRG). For more information, contact LRG.

space requirements

Each element must be surrounded on all sides by clear space. Elements should not be used as background textures.

The Crest

The crest should have clear space around it no less than one-fourth the width of the crest.

BJU Shield dimensions
The Shield

The shield should have clear space around it no less than one-fourth the width of the shield.


The Logo

The logo should have clear space around it no less than one-half the height of the shield.

Size requirements

Minimum Sizes

For the greatest impact and readability, minimum mark sizes have been established for both printed materials and online/electronic use. Digital sizes listed below are for use only on screen. The pixel dimensions listed should never be used for print files.

The Crest

Minimum acceptable print size of the crest is 3/4″ wide.

Minimum acceptable digital size of the crest is 110 pixels wide.

The Shield

Minimum acceptable print size of the shield is 3/8″ wide.

Minimum acceptable digital size of the shield is 48 pixels wide.

Exception: see The Logo below.

The Logo

Minimum acceptable print size of the logo is 1 3/4″ wide.

Minimum acceptable digital size of the logo is 255 pixels wide.

The logo is the only exception in which the Shield may appear smaller than 3/8″ wide. This is permissible because the logotype further aids in identifying the BJU brand.

Trademarks and Licensing

For the protection of the institution, all university marks have been registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, the State of South Carolina, and/or international patent offices, or all three.

No mark may appear at any time without the ® or ™ as designated in the original files.

In addition to trademark protection, the athletic marks are also protected through a licensing agreement with Learfield Licensing. For more information, see the Bruins Usage Guidelines or contact Learfield.

Advice and Approvals

For advice and recommendations, contact Mark Fuller, creative director.

Approvals must be handled through the creative director, director of marketing or chief marketing officer.