BJU Brand Communications



Use of all University marks is governed by the brand guidelines. Some campus organizations may use BJU names and trademarks only with permission. Individuals and organizations not covered in the Guidelines may not use BJU trademarks without written permission of the chief communications officer.

By downloading these images you are signifying that:

  • you are a faculty/staff member of Bob Jones University,
  • you have an authorized purpose for the use of the file(s), and
  • you have read, and agree to adhere to, the brand guidelines.

Looking for Department Logos?

Departmental logos are available in print-resolution PNG format for each school and organizational department. If you need a vector (large, scalable version), please contact us.

Acceptable variations

All acceptable variations of the logo are shown below. To see a more comprehensive logo set, view this PDF. If you need to download a variation not included on this page, contact Mark Fuller, creative director. All of the files can also be downloaded in one ZIP file.

1B BJU logo color

Horizontal Logo with Tagline Horiz

Color Version (.png)

Using Logos in Microsoft Office

Word or PowerPoint 2010 (or earlier)

  • Click Insert, then Picture, then Picture from file…
  • Select the downloaded file on your computer.

Later versions of Word or PowerPoint

You can use the versions above, but you also can utilize these three variations of the BJU logo included in a single PDF file: download now.

  1. Download the PDF (above) to your computer.
  2. Click Insert, then Picture, then Picture from file…
  3. Select the PDF file on your computer.
  4. Word or PowerPoint will ask which variant of the logo you want to use; pick one.
  5. Some pages might look blank; those are white logos for use on dark backgrounds.