BJU Brand Communications

Visual style: Colors and Fonts


BJU employs a variety of typefaces in its publications, advertising and on the Web.

Sans Serif faces (primary for use in headlines)


Antonio is a free condensed headline font by Vernon Adams and is used by BJU on the Web and in downloadable templates. If you need administrator authorization to install Antonio on your machine, please put in a request with IT.

NOTE: The .TTF font file version of Antonio (available elsewhere at Font Squirrel and on Google Fonts) corrupts on university printers and will cause them to hang up. Only the .OTF files from the download below should be used to install Antonio.

Download Antonio here.

Antonio font sample

Chalet Comprime

Chalet Comprime is a commercial font similar to Antonio, created by the House Foundry, and is used exclusively by Marketing Communications in BJU advertising. Chalet Comprime can be purchased from House.

ChaletComprime font sample

Source Sans Pro

Source Sans Pro is an open-source type family, the first open-source font provided by Adobe. It is used on and by Marketing Communications in PowerPoints and other limited applications. It can be downloaded here from Google Fonts.

Serif Faces (primarily used for body copy)

Times New Roman

Times New Roman is the university standard serif font used in downloadable templates for Word and PowerPoint. Times New Roman is installed by default on all Windows and Macintosh computers.

Times New Roman font sample

Minion Pro

Minion Pro from Adobe is used by Marketing Communications as the standard serif body copy font for most typical documents. It can be purchased at

Minion font sample


Requiem, a high-quality display font by Hoefler & Co., is used in the BJU logotype. Additional uses are only through Marketing Communications in limited applications.

Requiem font sample


The BJU color palette is comprised of 4 primary colors and a variety of accenting shades.  These colors apply to both the BJU identity and to the BJU Bruins. There is no set color for other departments or areas of the University. Any of the colors within the palette may be used for any communication. Careful attention should be given to the use of appropriate colors. Minimal color usage is often most effective.


BJU Alternate Hex Colors








Hexidecimal and RGB Color
Hexidecimal (6-digit) color codes are used in online digital media, such as on, in emails or on the BJU wiki. Elements to be exported as RGB images are typically set in hexidecimal color codes.

RGB (Red, Green, Blue) is the color format used in digital, on-screen media and is how your computer displays color. Note that Microsoft Word requires RGB images, so when downloading logos and photos to include in Word documents, choose RGB-formatted images.

CMYK Color
CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key—Black) is the color type used in most printing processes, such as at Bellis or in offset printing at BJU Press. CMYK design elements and images are generally used by Marketing Communications.

PMS Color
PMS (Pantone Matching System®) codes are for specifying exact, standardized colors in printing, and are used by Marketing Communications.