BJU Brand Communications

Writing style

This page contains essential elements of our writing style. The complete writer’s style guide is available to university faculty and staff.

About our name

  • Our official name is Bob Jones University, and it should be used on all first references. On second reference BJU is acceptable.
  • If the Bob Jones University official logo is prominent on the piece of communication, it is acceptable to consider the logo to be the first reference and proceed with BJU.
  • Avoid using simply BJ, as in a BJ student. Instead say a BJU student.
  • Lowercase the word university when used as an adjective (e.g., university community) and referring to BJU; capitalize when used as a noun (the University) or when used as a possessive (e.g., the University’s position).
  • Examples:
    • The University occupies 210 acres just within the city limits of Greenville.
    • Bob Jones University (first reference)
    • BJU (on second reference)
    • The University (on second reference)

About our programs

  • The proper wording for talking about our academic offerings is: “56 undergraduate programs and 17 graduate programs.”

Bob Jones Academy

  • the Academy on second reference
  • Refers to all of our pre-college schools, from infant to 12th grade.
  • Please note the names of the divisions and buildings:
    • Bob Jones Academy Early Education (infant through 3-year-olds)
    • Bob Jones Academy Elementary School (K4 through 6th)
    • Bob Jones Academy Middle School (grades 7 and 8)
    • Bob Jones Academy High School (grades 9 through 12)
  • Other notes:
    • It is acceptable to substitute “BJA” in the name of any of the divisions above (BJA Elementary School, etc.)
    • With approximately 1,030 students, Bob Jones Academy is one of the largest Christian schools in South Carolina.

Bob Jones Jr. Memorial Seminary & Evangelism Center

  • When referring to the program, use “Bob Jones University Seminary”
  • the Seminary on second reference (capitalize when used as a noun; lowercase as an adjective)
  • When referring to the building, use Bob Jones Jr. Memorial Seminary & Evangelism Center. The complete name is used only when referring to the building (on first reference)

Bruin, Bruins, Bruins’

  • Bruins (noun)
  • Bruins (adjective used primarily in a descriptive sense)
  • Bruins’ (possessive adjective used to specifically note ownership)
  • Bruin, a or Bruin, the (article followed by a singular noun)
  • Note that we do not use the term “Lady Bruins.” Use Bruins women for references to our female teams.
  • Exception: Bruin Nation: singular adj. usage of Bruin, per Jonny Gamet (6/14)
  • Examples:
noun adjective, used primarily in a descriptive sense possessive adjective, specifically noting ownership article + singular noun
  • The Bruins played fiercely.
  • The Bruins overcame an early deficit.
  • Bruins win first playoff game
  • Bruins Booster Club
  • Bruins goalie Jon Sandy
  • Bruins coach
  • Bruins women
  • Bruins offense
  • Bruins women’s offense
  • Bruins men’s soccer team
  • Bruins mascot
  • Bruins merchandise
  • The Bruins’ Evan Brondyke took a difficult shot.
  • Bruins’ determination
  • The Bruins’ win over SWU
  • Bruins’ effort
  • Bruins’ Carmichael named coach of the year
  • Be a Bruin.
  • He was a Bruin from 2012-14.
  • Look at the Bruin on the wall.

Bruins women

  • We do not use the term Lady Bruins. Typical usage should be Bruins women.


  • Major buildings on campus include:
    • Bob Jones Jr. Memorial Seminary & Evangelism Center
    • Davis Field House
    • Founder’s Memorial Amphitorium
    • Mack Library
    • Rodeheaver Auditorium
  • For more information on campus buildings, visit the BJU campus map.

Living Gallery

  • Always italicized; Living Gallery  title always in quotes (We Beheld His Glory”)

Museum & Gallery

  • the Museum & Gallery at Bob Jones University
  • the Museum & Gallery at Heritage Green
  • the Museum & Gallery
  • M&G at Bob Jones University
  • M&G at Heritage Green
  • M&G
  • M&G at BJU
  • the Collection
  • official legal name of the 501(c)(3) organization: Bob Jones University Museum & Gallery, Inc.
  • DO NOT USE: the Museum, the Gallery, the Art Gallery, the M&G, the M&G at BJU, BJU M&G, or Bob Jones University Museum & Gallery

Petimus Credimus

  • Capitalize and italicize
  • Meaning: “We seek, we trust”

Residence Hall

  • Not dormitory
  • List of all residence halls:

Mary Gaston Hall
Margaret Mack Hall 
Nell Sunday Hall 
Estelle Siddons Hall 
Georgia Creel Hall 
R.K. Johnson Hall 
J.Y. Smith Hall 
H.A. Ironside Hall 
Charles Brokenshire Hall 
Ernest Reveal Hall