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Use social media

Getting Involved in Social Media

BJU departments can create new social accounts but should make the BJU Social aware of the account.

Student organizations/groups (such as Collegian, UBA, etc.) are free to start an account as long as their faculty advisors monitor the account.

Planning to Use Social Media

Maintaining a social media account takes commitment and time. To make sure your time is well spent, we suggest you develop a strategy that takes into account the following items:


Who is going to maintain the account? Will it be one department member, or will the responsibility be shared? If shared, how will you coordinate? List out the team members. Does everyone you’ve listed have the time and talents to maintain this account?

Goals & Strategy

What are you trying to accomplish with your account? Are you promoting your department? Engaging with alumni? Offering an area for current students? List your goals and decide how you will promote your account. Just because you build it doesn’t mean everyone will find it.


Who are you trying to reach? Knowing whom you are targeting will help you define what your content should be. Once you know whom you’re trying to reach, decide how you’re going to reach them.


Social media isn’t about talking constantly about yourself. It has to be a 2-way communication street. What questions can you ask of your audience? What topics can you post that will generate more conversation? Never forget that social media involves listening—often more than talking.


So what are you going to talk about, share, link to, etc.? What photos can you post? What videos can you share? Will you ask your visitors what they’d like to see? What can you post that isn’t about you but relates to your visitors or industry?


Schedule a time to evaluate the success of your account. Are you meeting the goals you defined? How should you adjust your plan based on your findings?

Acting in Social Media

  1. Understand that a department site will bring negative and positive feedback; value the negative feedback and use it to improve as appropriate.
  2. Provide timely responses.
  3. In speaking on behalf of the University, be familiar with FERPA regulations and avoid disclosing personal information about a student.
  4. Avoid articulating positions contrary to the public position of BJU.
  5. Avoid using an official BJU site to endorse a cause, product or political candidate.
  6. Keep in mind that you may see student posts that reveal questionable activity or activity contrary to BJU student policies. Use this as an opportunity for discipleship.
  7. When posting photos, ensure people in the photos meet the dress code for the activity involved. Do not post photos of children or students under 18 without prior parental approval.
  8. If a question arises you cannot answer, do not try to answer it. Find the appropriate person who can answer.

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