BJU Brand Communications


BJU Marketing Communications uses ProWorkflow to manage all projects and job requests. Once you’ve reviewed the following information, you can log in here. If you do not have a login, contact Dawn Kester

General Information

Be sure to have all of the following items  available for when you place your order:

  • GL number (required for all job requests)
  • An accurate due date for your project
  • Accurate quantity information
  • Any files or information essential to completing your job request

Browser Compatibility

For best results, please use an updated version of either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. To install Google Chrome or Firefox on a university Windows-based computer, use LANDesk Desktop Manager.

  1. Click “Start” > “Programs” > “LANDesk Management” > “Desktop Manager”
  2. A list of programs will show up that can be installed without having to submit an IT ticket.