BJU Brand Communications

Guidelines for creating announcement slides

  1. Compose in landscape (widescreen) orientation, 1920×1080 resolution.
  2. Lettering and graphics should not be placed close to the edge of the layout.
  3. Larger point sizes (minimum of 40) and “simple” fonts will be easier to read. Adding a dropshadow will improve readability on screen.
  4. Graphics can be created, in PowerPoint using these settings:
    • File>Options>Save (check “embed fonts in the file” and “embed all characters”)
    • File>Options>Advanced>Image size and quality
  1. Check “do not compress images in file”
  2. Default target output should be set to 96
    • Design>Slide Size>Customize slide size (slides sized for Widescreen, enter width 20” and height 11.25”)
    • Enable Text Shadow (next to Underline symbol in Home>Font).
    • When saving the file, save as .jpg, and the resulting slide(s) will be 1920×1080 using these settings.

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